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As survivors heal they may find themselves transformed from broken sparrows into powerful eagles, soaring 

Speaking about their ordeal has not only had a healing effect on the “Survivor Sisters”, but has spurred some of them into activism, rallying, protesting and lobbying to effectively abolish the “statute of limitations”on rape and sexual assault across the country.


In California, while other “Sisters” expanded the SOL in Nevada and Colorado. Joining up with Gloria Allred, Victoria and many of her Survivor Sisters, January 1st, 2017, joined forces changing laws.


She lends her voice in support of the very first bills to define "CONSENT" by law which have been introduced in New York State: Assembly Bill #A6540A and Senate Bill #S6200A.  Joyce Short, founder of the Consent Awareness Network (CAN), has been fighting to define consent in our laws for over a decade. The Cosby trial focused a glaring light on why this transformational change is so important.


Consent must be a

“freely given, knowledgeable & informed agreement”


Victoria also serves as an Ambassador for Hope Pyx Global against human trafficking, an Ambassador for PAVE- Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment and the Never Walk Alone Foundation founded by Rich Larsen of Norway, the creator of the app, protecting those who find themselves in jeopardy.

She speaks out about the idea that women are not equal in every state of the Union under the Constitution of the United States,  even though her male contemporaries who share the same familial roots are automatically equal.


At this time women must be ratified and deemed equal in State by State legislation.  Women are only equal in 38 states. Twelve to go to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.


She urges all women to write their representatives.

Make good noise!


Currently, Victoria spends her time as a guest speaker at conferences and live events as well as on podcasts, webinars, radio and television. 


She looks forward to speaking to whomever will stop and join forces for truth, justice and women’s empowerment in hope that her activism and voice will have a long reaching effect making a better and more just world for future generations.

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